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We help customers with difficult situations through creative engineering and measurable cost reductions and process improvements. Here are some stories.

Case Histories 


A customer was using a bearing that was made using an excessive amount of material. Thiel's development work overcame the problem by developing a progressive stamping die that built up the metal thickness in a controlled manner, thus reducing the amount of raw material needed to make the part. By working with the customer and building the proper tooling, we were also able to a hold the critical dimensions to 0.002” after heat treat. So far, we have produced 10 million copies.

Thiel also developed a progressive die to produce a spacer bushing that was previously made on a screw machine. The cost of the part off the screw machine was over $1.00 each. The part price off the progressive die was $0.40 each. The customer saved $0.60 X 2 million pieces or $1,200,000 annually.

A particular customer had a complicated two piece assembly with a costly welding operation. Thiel worked closely with the customer in understanding their needs, and developed a progressive die that produced a one piece stamping. This creative engineering saved the customer $40,000 per year.

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